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“Oh.” Hong Dali rubbed his chin and thought about it. Suddenly, he said, “Speaking of which, Pops, I forgot to give you a greeting present.” As he spoke, he pulled up a big pile of armor from his space watch and said, ” Pops, you’re a little too big. When I was buying these armor I did not plan for this. How about you pick a few and dig the gems out instead?”


“Aiya, this virtual world is really like the real world. Something got into my eye.” Hong Weiguo rubbed his eyes and took out his cigarette to offer Hong Dali one. “One?”


Jiang Qianxue’s face was flushed red. She did not dare to look at Hong Dali. She was afraid she would not be able to take it if she looked at him. After all, this atmosphere was too weird…


“Need you to ask?” Mihawk was not bothered at all. “Hang up everything, lock the doors, then we can go challenge the Tower of Trials or sleep and drink. Why bother asking me when you already know that?”


Currently, Lin Chuyin was researching on a device about half a human tall. Tens of energy gemstones were embedded on this device. Overall, this device looked really weird.


Jiang Qianxue was not present when Hong Dali bought the various armors. When he bought the raw gemstone, Jiang Qianxue had no idea what they were for. She did not think much of it, either. However, when she picked up the armor, she was surprised. “So many high-grade gems?” Saying this, she suddenly thought about the three mysterious women she met at Sauron Auction Center. Now that she looked carefully at Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei and Ling Xiaoyi…

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Ever since they discovered the Zerg corpse, the first thing that the Bureau Chief did was to ask Zhang Yi to ensure whether there would be any communication between this Zerg and the rest. Currently speaking, the result wasn’t very good—this could be considered to be the worst-case scenario already, right?


On the contrary, Jiang Qianxue’s heart was pounding. She was nervous and worried.


“I… I don’t know.” Jiang Qianxue was embarrassed and frustrated. She cried, “So what? Do I need a reason to like someone?”


At this moment, some started to get impatient. After waiting for so long, it was just for an armor that was slightly more worth it, with a profit of about one thousand Galaxy Dollars. Many hesitated and wondered if they should continue to wait.


Do you think I care about the stupid Tower of Trials? Gate grabbed a jade cup and poured himself a drink. I just passed twenty levels for fun, and to get some wine from my new son. Im not interested in the higher levels. Why? Did you suspect it was me?


Im rich and capricious. Theres nothing I can do about it. Hong Dali grinned. If we like it, we buy it. So simple.


Yes, this is a good idea. Another young man nodded and said, The businesses at Star Harbor do make money, but the profit margin is simply too low. Its a waste to give it up, but theres no gain in keeping it. It would be good if I can sell the worthless little shops. All the shops I have there are worth about three million Galaxy Dollars. If I sell them and get cash to invest in other businesses, the profit will be much more.



The great Mister Gates touched his chin and looked at the empty shop. Then, he looked at Mihawk and chuckled. “Speaking of which, there are five shops but only two of us. What do you think we should do?”



The generating publicity part is working well, but what comes after? Can he make a profit? Will he sell other equipment in this shop to increase sales? Will that cover his capital? Huaqing frowned. He has so many shops, they should have cost him at least a few million. Even if he makes a 50% profit on each piece of equipment, how much will that add up to? Its obvious the profit margin on those gems are not that high. If he manages to sell each piece of equipment for two hundred thousand, hes lucky if the profit is two thousand. How long will he take to earn back his capital of millions?


It was hard to say who would win or lose, so it was better to report a lower level. At least if he lost, it would not be so disgraceful.


It was a man in his forties who wore a black top hat. He was two meters tall and had a huge black sword with a beautiful cross as its handle. Such features were relatively common, but it was his eyes that chilled comrade Luo Qiang to the bone.

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