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A Zerg tide normally only occurred when the Zerg race was attacking a certain life planet. Once such a situation happened, their numbers were calculated in hundreds of millions!


“Okay!” Mister Gate nodded and dashed out again. In a short while, he again returned with the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. They had no idea where he got it from…


Hong Dali got the great Mister Gate to watch the shop for one hundred and twenty thousand Galaxy Dollars, in addition to their relationship. It was no joke!


“It’s really unexpected.” McGregor looked at the busy new technology weapons production line in front of him. He whispered, “We are preparing for interstellar warfare so soon. Sigh, Dali is not here. I don’t feel confident.”


The rest were all given gems that added fourteen to attributes. With twenty gems each, coupled with their own attributes and Dali’s lackey halo, lackeys with all attributes of more than five hundred points were born. Levis’ basic attributes were raised to more than six hundred. If he further increased it to seven hundred percent…


Heavenly Frost Sword, a divine-level broadsword. Its was extremely sharp, and the sword itself had a frost effect. When swinging this sword, the creatures nearby would all be frozen. Such a weapon was indeed worthy of being regarded as a divine item.

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“You… you don’t have to be here.” Jiang Qianxue motioned the eight female servers away. “I will call for you if you are needed!”


At this time, Hong Dali brought another bottle of wine over. He looked carefully at the list of ingredients and nodded in satisfaction. “This Sorghum liquor is made using an ancient recipe from hundreds of thousands of years ago. Antique tools and brewing equipment had to be used. The older the better. Therefore, this wine is best drunk with some sort of antique cup.”


There were already three to five passers-by standing in front of the shop that Hong Dali bought. They looked at the gems embedded armor in the shop and discussed among themselves


“This… this is…” Tang Long looked at another gem and his mouth gaped open. “God, this gem is Strength +13, this is Agility +12, another Strength +13… and there’s even one that is Strength +14!”


Sister Green Bird did indeed never tell Hong Dali how to hatch it because there wasn’t a need to tell him—once he took out the egg, it instantly cracked!


Luckily, just then, Hong Dali met someone who would help him. It was an abject looking middle-aged man. Can I speak to you, Young Master?


After they went into a room, Jiang Duxing said in a deep voice, “Qianxue, I know that you like heroes, and this super-genius can indeed be considered to only appear once in a thousand years. However, you mustn’t forget the taboo of the Galaxy Aristocrats, which is that our women absolutely cannot fall for someone outside our race. I can understand your emotions, but listen to your father—don’t be wilful and do something silly. Even if it’s for the safety of this super-genius, you definitely cannot have a relationship with this person. Do you understand?”



However, people were sure to get annoyed if they were just going to sit around and wait. Just as everyone was getting bored, a loud and arrogant laugh was heard. Hahahaha. What is happening here? Everyone is gathered here? Since Im here, all of you, scram! Dont be an eyesore!



This is obvious then. Jiang Dongliu smiled and said, You are full of questions about this mysterious man. You idolize him. You wonder, what he is like? Why is he so powerful? Level thirty, even Elder Mo Tianji could not get that far all those years ago, etc. In truth, this is nothing more than hero worship. In other words, youre just infatuated!


Yes, I know. Jiang Qianxues grandfather Jiang Dongliu chuckled and nodded his head. He said, Qianxue has always been a child who is in control of her emotions. Unless it is something major, her ability to control her emotions will not be affected. Now that such a super-genius has appeared, it is normal that a girl her age would idolize him. Its not a big problem.


Jiang Qianxue had taken off the cloak that marked her as a Galaxy Aristocrat, so Hong Dali, too, was unwilling to flaunt his own cloakwhen they got back to the spacecraft, Hong Dali said, Hahaha, since everyone is in such high spirits, lets go back to the restaurant and take off our cloaks, pick up Little Quentin and go shopping!

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